Prevents/strengthens damaged poor hooves. The content of Biotin + Zinc prevents and strengthens poor hooves and the horse will get a beautiful, shiny coat.

Horse Biotin

  • Easily accessible Biotin Vitamin H
  • The effect is supported by the content of essential proteins and micro-minerals in the horse biotin
  • Given to reduce or remedy any problems with sore and cracked hooves

Instructions for use:

The daily dose is divided into two portions and mixed with feed mixture/oat.
Horse biotin is used on clinical indication of soft hooves that prevent shoeing. The treatment period will typically last 3-6 months. The dosage can be halved for preventive treatment. The horse biotin should be stored in a dry place and be sealed.


Guaranteed contents:

  • Calcium
  • Phosphorous
  • Sodium
  • Methionin                                      


  • Oat middlings
  • Calcium carbonate lime
  • Premix *) contains 100% additives
  • DI methionine

Additives kg.:

  • Biotin   200 mg
  • Zinc     100 mg

Daily dosage (Measuring cup included):  

Type Amount
Competition horse 40 g
Riding horse 40 g
Gestating mares 20 g
Drægtige hopper 10 g
Young horses 10 g
Foals 10 g

In case of doubt as to use, please do not hesitate to contact Jorenku for further information.