Tangmix Green

Bio-active ingredients in Tangmix and their effects:

  • Alginat (17>44%) Prebiotic, antibacterial and immunomodulatory

  • Fucoidan (5>14%) Anti-infl ammatory and antiviral

  • Laminarin (5>20%) Prebiotic, antibacterial and immunomodulatory

  • Phlorotannin (5>15%) Natural antioxidant

  • Mineraler (8>39%)

  • Protein (8>15%)

  • Fedt (1>2%)


Recommended dosage - NOTE! Please avoid overdosing:

Mixture 1:

3.kg of Tangmix + 1kg. og zinc oxide at 7-9 kg.

Mixture 2:
3.kg of Tangmix per ton at 9-10 kg.

Mixture 3:
2 kg. of Tangmix per ton at 15-30 kg.

2 kg. of Tangmix per ton from first week before farrowing to weaning.


Are you among the pig breeders who search for alternatives to antibiotics and zinc oxide in the piglets' production?

Tangmix is an antibacterial, anti-inflammatory product which strengthens pigs immune defences.

Tangmix fight against among other diarrhea and infections, and hereby it is substitution for zinc oxide.

Tangmix is available in a "green" version for organic use.