Iron pills and Triple-Iron

Vitamin-rich iron supplement from Jorenku A/S

To cover piglets needs for an adequate amount of hemoglobin, it is important to make sure that they do not develop anemia.

Research show that the pigs only get some of their need covered through the milk of the sow, why it makes it important to provide the pig with an additional supplement of iron. 
The pig is often injected by the age of 3-5. An intramuscular injection consisting of iron may provoke arthritis. This is minimized by and oral imposing the iron supplement.  

Triple-Iron is a palatable and effective iron supplement, which cover the pigs need of iron. Triple-Iron is based on three-compenent iron and contain vitamin C, which promote the digestion of iron. A thoroughly measuring research indicated an allotment of iron at 1000 mg. per pig. 

Research findings:

Supplement for piglets with the purpose of covering the pigs need of iron. Tilskud til smågrise til dækning af grisens behov for jern. Spread the product on clean and dry floor, and where it is non-available to the sow.
The first supplement begins when the pigs are approximately 3-5 days old.
One cup to a brood of 15 pigs for 3 days with 1 day of interval in between. Monday, Wednesday and Friday for instance.
Second round of supplement starts when the pigs are around 14-17 days old.
One cup to a brood of 15 pigs for 3 days with a 1 day interval. Monday, Wednesday and Friday for instance.

Iron-pills is an eatable vitamin-rich iron supplement for piglets. The containing vitamin C strengthens the mucous membrane and increase the digestion of the iron. The piglets will easily get used to eat the iron-pills, as they have a good taste. The product contains grain, vitamins and iron in shape of iron oxide and Ferrofumarat.  
Iron-Pills prevents anemia in piglets, gilts, sows, boars and can be used to mink and horses as well. 

Iron supplement of high vitamin content to piglets in need of iron. Spread the product on clean and dry floor, and where it is non-available to the sow. 

10 g. per piglets is being dosed daily on a dry spot from day 3 until weaning. 
Sows, gilts and boars: 2 tablespoonsful of about 2 grams per week. Can be spread on the feeding stuff. 
Contain: Oat bran 28%, VSF Iron 25%, wheat 18%, calcium carbonat 13%, iron sulphate 8%, molasses 3%, Betfor 3 % and soya-bean oil 2%
Guarantees per kg.: A-vitamin 100000IE, D3-vitamin 10000IE, E-vitamin 250 mg, C-vitamin 1500 mg., citric acid 375 mg., iron in the shape of iron sulphate 46000 mg., zinc 500 mg., manganese 670 mg., cobalt 2,1mg., copper in the shape of copper sulphate 130 mg., iodine 12 mg, and orthophosphationer 4200 mg.