Hand-Des from JorenkuHand-Des from Jorenku
Hand-Des from JorenkuHand-Des from Jorenku


Hand-Des is a liquid long-acting agent for desinfection with a broad-spectrum effect against all harmful bacteria incl. MRSA. Therefore, Hand-Des is suitable as hand disinfection.

The product’s benefits

Hand-Des works on both bacterial cells, fungal cells, enveloped viruses, and spores. Therefore, Hand-Des has a very broad-spectrum effect against nearly all microorganisms – also against MRSA-bacteria.

Hand-Des differs from traditional disinfectants based on alcohol by not vaporising, which makes the effect of Hand-Des prolonged. In addition, Hand-Des does not dry out the hands, and therefore it can be used as agent for desinfection for a long time.


Hand-Des is available in bottles with 100 ml and 250 ml.

Recommendation from Statens Serumm Institut

Although MRSA most commonly occurs among pigs, the bacterium can also occur among pets and from there infect humans. Read the Statens Serumm Institut’s recommendations for using hand disinfection to prevent transmission of MRSA (the article is in Danish).

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