Eurovit ADE 60 with selenium from JorenkuEurovit ADE 60 with selenium from Jorenku

Eurovit ADE 60 with selenium

Liquid vitamins for poultry.

  • Strengths the immune system
  • Supports the reproduction
  • Supports the survival of the offspring

Liquid vitamins with the optimal composition to strength the animal’s immune system.

The product consists of – as the name implies – the vitamins A, D and E.

The product’s benefits

The product has an optimal composition of vitamins. One of the major benefits is that it strengths the animal’s immune system and the reproduction. The composition is especially recommended for poultry.

During the mating and gestation, both males and femals need for vitamin supplements will increase. Moreover, the vitamin supplement will make an important foundation for the survival of the offspring.


Eurovit ADE 60 with selenium is available in cans with 15 L and 25 L.

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