Pick-Block on the job with poultryPick-Block on the job with poultry
Pick-Block from JorenkuPick-Block from Jorenku
Pick-Block from JorenkuPick-Block from Jorenku


Gives activity for the poultry, so that their need for peckin on each other is reduced.

The product’s benefits
  • Behavior repressive
  • Adjustment of requirement
  • Danish developed specially for use in all types of poultry
  • Can be used conventionally and as a problem-solver
  • Can be used by organic farms

The product is produced with high quality ingredients and products specially made to match
and harmonize with poultry and their needs for high-performance, vitamins, minerals, occupation and nutrients.

Therefore, you will only need one type of Pick-Block from Jorenku from chicken to hen – regardless conventional or organic poultry.

One bowl on 8 kg is enough for up to 1,000 hens.

The product may be used in biological production in accordance with Regulation (EC) 834/2007 and (EC) 889/2008.

Pick-Block from Jorenku is available as bowls with 8 kg.

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