About Jorenku

Jorenku A/S was founded in 1991 by agriculturalist, Johnni Pedersen who, for a period of years, had engaged himself with consulting as well as sales of both farm hygiene and feed mixtures for livestock. Benefitting from his profound knowledge, Johnni Pedersen came to develop and produce the disinfectant, Staldren®, which Jorenku A/S since the beginning has produced.


It turned out that Staldren® was the right product at the right time, as Jorenku A/S subsequently established an extensive national and international network throughout the 1990’s. Jorenku A/S has continued the production of Staldren® ever since, and today Jorenku A/S has taken over a market leading position, exporting to more than 70 countries worldwide.


In 2017, Jorenku A/S agreed to acquire DanLiq – a company which had specialized themselves in vitamins and minerals for more than 20 years. The acquirement resulted in the achievement of various synergies. Most importantly, the acquisition of DanLiq has made Jorenku A/S the preferred supplier of vitamin and mineral mixtures amongst livestock professionals.


Today, Jorenku A/S focuses on maintaining an exceptionally high degree of customer and distributor support and care. Jorenku A/S aims to maintain a profound and uncompromising quality control of the products, which has given Jorenku A/S the certificates of both ISO 9001 and ISO 22000.


Jorenku A/S takes pride in being continuously innovative and consequently invests in new products to great success for the customers. Therefore, Jorenku A/S has the agency for a large number of raw materials and chemicals, which are sold to both agriculture and industry. 


Jorenku A/S is in constant development, and take pride in meeting the customers’ expectations. As a result, Jorenku A/S has a professional team of skilled and competent consultants, who are always available with support and guidance for all of the customers worldwide.

ISO 22000 certificate The management system at Jorenku A / S is in accordance with Requirements in DS / EN ISO 22000: 2005 (Food Systems Management Systems - Requirements for companies in the food chain) and DS / EN ISO 22002-6: 2016 (Food Program Basic Programs) - Part 6: Production of feed and feed for animals) certified within "Trade in feed products for pigs" (Kategoi D1).