Equipment for pigs

Explore our large range of specialised equipment for your pigs. At Jorenku A/S, we offer a wide variety of effective solutions primarily designed to improve the environment and hygiene in your pig herd.

In our range, you will find products primarily designed for handling and spreading of Staldren®, essential for maintaining optimal hygienic conditions in the piggery. With our durable and robust equipment, ensuring a healthy and comfortable environment becomes easy, simple, and efficient.

In addition to equipment for spreading of Staldren®, we also offer the Triple-Iron Feed Trough, specially designed for llocating of iron supplement to piglets. Furthermore, we have the activity toy for pigs Porcichew, created to serve as enrichment material to promote healthy behaviour and well-being among the pigs.

Explore our wide range of products and find the ones that best suit your needs. With us, you’ll find reliable equipment to optimise your production and ensure an efficient operation of your pig herd.

Other products for pigs

Wasn’t it equipment for pigs you were looking for? We also offer a wide range of other products for pigs that can help optimise your pig herd. Browse through our complete product range and find the best solutions for your needs.