Staldren® ProjetStaldren® Projet

Staldren® Projet for pigs

Staldren® Projet is a spreader that is easily mounted on the back of a tractor. This makes it a practical solution for spreading of Staldren® and Staldren® Green over large areas.

The product’s benefits

This spreader is constructed with a sturdy painted steel frame and a durable polyethylene tank, ensuring the product’s long lifespan and resistance to corrosion.

Staldren® Projet is a spreader ideal for evenly and efficiently spreading of Staldren® and Staldren® Green over larger areas. By mounting a Projet behind the tractor, a uniform distribution of Staldren® or Staldren® Green is achieved, which is crucial for maintaining a clean and hygienic environment for your pigs.

This not only helps prevent the buildup of bacteria but also ensures much better hygiene and health for the pigs.

The video below demonstrates the effective use of a Staldren® Projet in a broiler house. The video clearly shows how the spreader evenly and seamlessly distributes Staldren® behind the tractor, covering the entire area without causing dust issues for the tractor driver.


Staldren® Projet is a spreader sold individually.

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