Stable equipment for cattle

Here you will find our comprehensive product overview of stable equipment for cattle. At Jorenku A/S, you will find specialised equipment designed to make the daily operations of your cattle more efficient and your cattle’s environment more comfortable.

In our extensive range, you find equipment primarily designed for spreading of Staldren®, a key component for maintaining optimal hygienic conditions in the stable. With our reliable and durable equipment, spreading Staldren® is efficient, crucial for a healthy and comfortable environment for your cattle.

In addition to the Staldren® equipment, we also offer innovative products for assigning liquid minerals for cattle. These products are designed with a focus on user-friendliness. This makes it easy to assign liquid minerals to your cattle and ensuring precise dosing with minimal waste. We understand the importance of an easy daily routine, and our equipment is created with this in mind.

Look though our product overview and find the stable equipment for cattle that best suits your needs. With our products, you can create optimal conditions for your dairy or beef cattle while optimising the daily operations of your stable.

Other products for cattle

Aren’t you looking for stable equipment for cattle? Explore our comprehensive product range for cattle and discover the best solutions to optimise your cattle production and ensure efficient operation of your cattle farm. We offer a wide range of products designed to meet various needs among cattle – whether you have dairy cattle or beef cattle.