Amino acids for pigs

Our products are designed to ensure your pigs all the essential and vital amino acids. Since pigs cannot produce all types of amino acids themselves, it is important to ensure that they get enough through their feed. Therefore, we offer a wide range, including both essential and non-vital. All are produced to ensure optimal nutrition and  to support the growth, health, and performance of your pigs.

Pigs do not use amino acids separately, but rather use them as a mix of vital and non-vital ones to form proteins. If just one of the essential amino acids is lacking in sufficient amounts, the protein synthesis will be reduced, which will negatively affect the growth and the health of the pigs.

Jorenku’s wide range of products is tailored to meet the different needs of the pigs at various ages and functions. Whether your problem concers growth, reproduction, or general health issues, we have the right product for your pig production.

Click on the individual products below to learn more about their properties, usage, and benefits. We are confident that you will find the ideal solution to optimise your pig production with our high-quality products – regardless of whether you have piglets or slaughter pigs.

Other products for pigs​

Wasn’t it amino acids you were looking for? Then explore our complete range of products for pigs. Here you’ll find the best hygiene products, acids, supplementary feed, as well as equipment that can help optimise your pig production and thus ensure efficient operation of your pig herd – whether you produce piglets or slaughter pigs.