Mineral Lick - slikspande med mineraler til dyr på græs

Mineral Lick

When animals are put out to pasture throughout summer without access to supplementary feed, lick buckets sure that they have access to minerals and vitamins throughout the pasture season.

Why choose lick buckets?

As needed

The natural licking behaviour of animals ensures the absorption of vitamins and minerals as needed.

Save money

Save money by keeping the animals healthy with adequate amount of minerals.

Avoid insects

Avoid the animals are bothered by insects with mineral buckets with garlic.


Low molasses content so that the content does not easily dissolve.

Mineral Lick for animals put out to pasture​

Mineral Lick for cattle


Which lick buckets can be used for cattle.

Mineral Lick for sheep and goats

Sheep and goats

Which lick buckets can be used for sheep and goats

Mineral Lick for horses


Which lick buckets can be used for horses.


Frequently Asked Questions

Mineral and vitamin supplement in the form of lick buckets for primarily animals put out to pasture.

Jorenku’s buckets secure that the animals have access to minerals and vitamins throughout the pasture season.

Jorenku produces 5 different types of Mineral Lick:

  • High Magnesium
  • Pre-Calver
  • Pre-Lamber
  • Summer Dry Green
  • Summer Garlic
  • Economic: Because of the natural licking behaviour of animals, they themselves balance their need for minerals and vitamins with the lick buckets. Therefore, manpower must not be used to assign supplemental feed to the animals.
  • Mineral and vitamin supplement: Animals, that do not get enough minerals in their diet, can experience mineral deficiencies, which can lead to health problems. Mineral lick is a good source of minerals and vitamins and therefore they can help to avoid mineral deficiencies and thus contribute to maintaining health.
  • Healthy animals: Lack of minerals causes reduced production and more diseases. Therefore, keep the animals healthy by setting up lick buckets for them.
  • Practical: Lick buckets are easy for employees to handle. They come in 2 sizes of 25 kg and 60 kg. Therefore, it is easy to adapt to any size herd.

All types of mineral buckets can be used all year round. 

During early spring, it is important to ensure that the animals get extra magnesium, while later in summer, you can use a lick bucket with garlic if your animals are affected by insects.

All lick buckets without copper can be used for sheep. 

Jorenku produces the following types, which can be used for sheep: 

  • High Magnesium
  • Pre-Lamber
  • Summer Garlic

As the name suggests, especially Pre-Lamber is adapted to the needs of sheep. The lick bucket secures high energy supplement before lambing with a high vitamin and mineral content with e.g. 40 mg selenium per kg. The lick bucket can be used all year round. 

2 of Jorenku’s lick buckets can be used by organic farmers:

  • Summer Dry Green
  • Summer Garlic

Both can be used in organic production in accordance with the regulation (EF) no. 834/2007 and (EF) no. 889/200

Mineral Lick can be purchased from dealers throughout Denmark and in selected countries worldwide. See the list of authorized dealers.