Mineral Lick on the job with cattleMineral Lick on the job with cattle
Mineral Lick on the job with cattleMineral Lick on the job with cattle
Mineral Lick Summer Garlic from JorenkuMineral Lick Summer Garlic from Jorenku
Mineral Lick High Magnesium from JorenkuMineral Lick High Magnesium from Jorenku
Mineral Lick Pre-Calver from JorenkuMineral Lick Pre-Calver from Jorenku
Mineral Lick Summer Dry Green from JorenkuMineral Lick Summer Dry Green from Jorenku

Lick Buckets for Cattle

When cattle is put out to pasture throughout summer without access to supplementary feed, you should make sure that they get adequate minerals and vitamins by setting up a mineral lick bucket.

The product’s benefits

During early spring, it is important to ensure that the cattle get extra magnesium, while later in summer, you can use a lick bucket with garlic if your cattle are affected by insects.

The cattle absorb the garlic oil, which is excreted in so modest amounts that only insects are affected. Neither the milk in dairy cows nor the meat in slaughtered animals will be affected by the very low amount of garlic.

A lick bucket from Jorenku has a much lower molasses content than most other buckets in the market, which means that the content does not easily dissolve in the summer heat or when it rains.


All types of mineral lick buckets are available as 25 kg buckets and 60 kg buckets.

Mineral lick buckets for cattle:


  • For late-gestation heifers and dry cows
  • High content of calcium

Summer Garlic

  • Insect-repellent effect because of garlic
  • Can be used by organic farms

High Magnesium

  • High content of magnesium

Summer Dry Green

  • Extra copper and selenium
  • Can be used by organic farms

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