Acids for pigs

Dive into our wide range of specialised organic acids, tailored to strengthen the health and immune system of your pigs. Our carefully selected feed acids are designed to combat viruses, harmful microorganisms, and fungi, while promoting and maintaining a healthy intestinal flora and creating an environment that counteracts harmful pathogens such as salmonella and E. coli.

By integrating our liquid acid solutions into your pig production, you can proactively protect your pigs against potential threats and create a more robust and healthy pig herd. Our feed acids also support efficient nutrient absorption, enhancing the utilisation of essential vitamins and minerals in the pigs’ feed.

We offer a range of specialised organic feed acids tailored to meet various needs in different stages of development and production environments for pigs. Whether you are looking for antimicrobial qualities, pH-lowering effects, or reducing effects against harmful microorganisms, we have the optimal acid solutions to strengthen your pig production.

In addition to our specialised acid solutions, we offer selected feed acids sold individually, allowing you to precisely tailor your nutritional approach to your pigs’ unique needs and your production goals.

Explore our comprehensive product overview of organic acids below to learn more about each product’s specific qualities and find the ideal solution that best suits your pigs’ specific needs and well-being.

Other products for pigs

Wasn’t it organic acids you were looking for? Explore our complete product range for pigs and find the best solutions that can optimise your pig production and ensure efficient operation of your pig herd.