Propionic Acid+ from JorenkuPropionic Acid+ from Jorenku
Propionic Acid+ from JorenkuPropionic Acid+ from Jorenku

Propionic Acid+ for pigs

Propionic Acid+ for pigs is an effective preservation method that is successfully used in both grain collection facilities and complete feed rations for pigs.

The product’s benefits

This unique feed acid has proven to be highly effective in reducing harmful microorganisms such as mildew and mould in pig feed. In addition to its ability to reduce these microorganisms, the acid can also effectively lower the pH, which is crucial for the preservation process. Furthermore, it contributes to better feed efficiency, leading to positive growth in the pig herd.

This feed acid is also suitable for use in organic pig farming. Additionally, the acid does not require HACCP certification, making it a convenient and permitted solution for farmers who maintain organic standards in their pig production.


The product is available in drums with 200 kg and IBC containers with 1,000 kg.

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How do you ensure good stomach health for your pigs?

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