Staldren® from Jorenku


Staldren® is produced in Denmark and a hygiene solution in powder form, which has a very broad effect against moisture, smell, bacteria and fungal spores.

Why choose Staldren®?


Reduces a wide range of pathogens including bacteria, viruses and fungi.


Biodegradable, phosphate-free and pH-neutral and thus gentle to both animals and the surroundings.


Disinfects and cleans the stable, reduces th basic reproduction number and thus ensures healthier livestock.


Economical solution for disinfection, which requires less time and workers than traditional wet disinfection.

Staldren® for animal production

Staldren® for cattle


How to use Staldren® for cattle.

Staldren® for pigs


How to use Staldren® for pigs

Staldren® for poultry


How to use Staldren® for poultry

Staldren® for sheep and goats

Sheep and goats

How to use Staldren® for sheeo and goats.

Staldren® for horses


How to use Staldren® for horses


Frequently Asked Questions

Dry disinfection based on e.g. Chloramine-T.

It is designed to desinfect stables and equipment in animal production.

A handful (50-100g) per m2 is spread twice a week.

In very humid conditions and/or at disease outbreaks the amount and frequency used should be increased.

When using Staldren® continuously, you achieve the best results by reducing the level of infection and thereby create a healthy and pleasant-smelling environment for the benefit of both animals and humans.

Staldren® works by destroying a broade range of pathogens, including bacteria, viruses and fungi.

The active substance is Chloramine-T, which is known for its disinfecting qualities that eliminate most of the problematic pathogens.

Staldren® is known for its rapid effect and long-term protection against pathogens on surfaces and equipment.

  • With its unique composition, Staldren® is a more effective product than most others on the market, as Staldren® destroys organic matter and neutralises ammonia, odours, and other harmful substances in the stable. This means that Staldren® improves the air quality in the stable and reduces the risk of air passage infections among the animals. In contrast, other products are primarily disinfectants that use active chlorine to kill harmful bacteria and viruses in the stable.

  • Staldren® has a prolonged effect than other products on the market, as Staldren® not only destroys harmful microorganisms but also helps establish a healthy microbial balance in the stable. This can lead to a more stable and healthier stable that does not require unnecessary additional disinfection.

  • Staldren® is gentler on materials and surfaces than other similar products, which can be aggressive and damage certain surfaces. Therefore, Staldren® can be used on a wide range of materials without causing damage or corrosion.

  • Staldren® is also gentler on humans and animals than other similar products, which can cause irritation and allergic reactions. The composition of Staldren® makes the working process more comfortable and safer for everyone.

  • Staldren® has a wider range of applications than several other products on the market. In addition to being used for disinfecting stables, it can also be used to treat other animal environments such as horse boxes, dog kennels, and litter boxes.

  • Staldren® is also more economically affordable than several other products on the market. Although prices for the products vary depending on size and quantity, Staldren® is generally more cost-effective and thereforeit can help save money in the long run.

  • Effective: Reduces a wide range of pathogens including bacteria, viruses and fungi.
  • Fast: Fast-working dry disinfection that can reduce the time it takes to disinfect an area or equipment.
  • Eco-friendly: Biodegradable and does not harm the environment.
  • Safe: Safe to use because it does not contain harmful chemicals that can harm neither humans nor animals.
  • Long-term protection: Can provide long-term protection against pathogens on surfaces and equipment.
  • Binds ammoni: Both animals and humans can be in the stable without obnoxious smell or shortness of breath.
  • Easy to use: Easy to spread on surfaces and equipment by hand or with a spreader.
  • Reduces the basic reproduction number: With continuous use, it contributes to reducing the risk of diseases and infections in the stable.
  • Economic: Economical solution for stable disinfection, which requires less time and worker than traditional wet disinfection methods.

For over 30 years internationally recognised laboratories have continuously tested Staldren® on different types of stables, surfaces, and under various climatic conditions, as well as on several parameters including effectiveness, user-friendliness, and environmental-friendliness.

The tests have shown that Staldren® is more effective than many other dry disinfectants on the market and requires less product to achieve the same results. Furthermore, Staldren® is environmentally friendly and biodegradable, which means it does not harm the environment.

The individual test results are listed in the description under the different animal groups further up on the page.

It depends on the specific application and the amount of pathogens.

In general, it is recommended to use Staldren® regularly, e.g. after each cleaning, to maintain good hygiene and protection against pathogens.

Above you will find links to the use of Staldren® for the individual animal groups.

Staldren® can be spread on surfaces and equipment either by hand or with several different spreaders: 

  • Ladle
  • Spreading Bucket
  • Vink Spreader
  • Motor blower
  • Spreading Wagon
  • Projet

Staldren® is tested and approved by recognised international laboratories.

The product is phosphate free and pH-neutral, meaning that it does not dissolve or loosen floors or pens, nor does it dry out the animal’s thin skin, which can be susceptible to abrasions and cuts, that can lead to bacterial infection and disease.

Therefore, Staldren® is safe to use around animals when used in accordance with the instructions on the packaging.

Staldren® can be purchased from dealers throughout Denmark and in approx. 65 countries.

See the list of authorized dealers.