Staldren® on the job with pigsStaldren® on the job with pigs
Staldren® on the job with pigsStaldren® on the job with pigs
Staldren® on the job with pigsStaldren® on the job with pigs
Staldren® from JorenkuStaldren® from Jorenku

When using Staldren® for pigs, the following is recommended:

Farrowing pen: Before farrowing spread Staldren® around the whole farrowing area. Use a handful (50-100g) per m². After farrowing use Staldren® for 3 consecutive days, then twice a week until weaning.

Weaning: In the weaning unit, add Staldren® for 3 consecutive days, then twice a week.

Finisher housing: In the finisher section add Staldren® once or twice a week.

Hospital pen: Add Staldren® daily on the entire floor area.

Breeding: In the unit for breeding sows and boars add a handful (50-100g) per m² of Staldren® all over the pen.

Isolation: In the isolation areas add Staldren® on the entire floor area, both before and after the arrival or removal of animals.

Empty pens: Adding Staldren® with a blower unit will provide a good effect on viruses.

Staldren® for pigs

Staldren® is effective dry desinfection in powder form with a very broad effect against moisture, smell, bacteria and fungal spores.

The product’s benefits
  • Staldren® is kind to the environment, and has a well-documented effect on the most common bacteria and fungi spores.
  • Staldren® is phosphate free and pH-neutral, meaning that it does not dissolve or loosen floors or pens, nor does it dry out the animal’s thin skin.
  • Staldren® binds ammonia to such a level, that both humans and animals can stay in the stable without obnoxious smell or shortness of breath.
  • Staldren® absorbs moisture and is therefore particularly useful in high humidity.
  • Staldren® disinfects and cleans the environment, reduces the level of infection, and therefore ensures healthier animals.
  • Staldren® is a necessity for professional farmers.

When using Staldren® continuously, the best results are achieved by reducing the level of infection and thereby create a healthy environment for the benefit of both animals and humans.

Staldren® is an effective dry desinfection which raises a minimum of dust, is easy to spread and gives a pleasant smell in the stable.


Staldren® is available in bags of 10 kg, 15 kg and 25 kg, as well as on pallets with 10, 20, 40, 45, 50 or 66 bags.

Staldren® also comes in a Green version which can be used in organic farming. Read more here.

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