Amino acids for poultry

The amino acids for poultry are  all designed to ensure that your layers and broilers receive the essential and vital amino acids they need. Since poultry cannot produce all necessary amino acids themselves, it is crucial to ensure that they are provided with an adequate amount of amino acids through their feed. Therefore, we offer a wide range of both vital and non-vital amino acids. Thery are all developed to ensure optimal nutrition for layers and broilers and to support their performance, growth, and health.

Poultry do not use amino acids separately but rather as a mix of vital and non-vital amino acids as building blocks to form proteins. If just one of the essential amino acids is lacking in sufficient quantity, it can have significant consequences for the protein synthesis and thus negatively impact the growth and health of the poultry.

Jorenku’s comprehensive range of products is designed to meet the various needs of layers and broilers in different production stages. Whether you are concerned about growth or general health among your poultry, you will here find the right product.

Explore our complete range of amino acids for poultry below to learn more about their individual qualities, uses, and benefits. We are confident that you can find the optimal solution to improve your poultry production among our quality products.

Other products for poultry​

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