Treo-Liq 8 % from JorenkuTreo-Liq 8 % from Jorenku
Treo-Liq 8 % from JorenkuTreo-Liq 8 % from Jorenku

Treo-Liq 8 % for poultry

Treo-Liq 8 % is an effective source of L-threonine, which is suspended. It is one of the essential amino acids for poultry because it plays a crucial role for their growth and health.

The product’s benefits

Threonine is vital for poultry as the amino acid is not only necessary for the growth but also plays a role in maintaining a strong immune system. A deficiency in threonine can result in reduced utilisation of other important nutrients such as lysine, which can negatively affect the poultry’s growth and overall health.

By including Treo-Liq 8 % in the daily feed for poultry, it ensures that they receive the essential amount of threonine required to maintain a healthy growth and overall well-being.


Treo-Liq 8 % is available in drums with 225 kg and IBC containers with 1,000 kg.

You can choose between two versions of the product, either with 8 % or 16 %, depending on your dosing system and the specific needs of your layers or broilers. The difference between the two versions of the product lies in the amount of L-threonine, which is suspended. The choice depends on the unique requirements of your herd.

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