Treo-Liq 16 % - tromleTreo-Liq 16 % - tromle
Treo-Liq 16 % from JorenkuTreo-Liq 16 % from Jorenku

Treo-Liq 16 %

Treo-Liq 16 % contains suspended L-Threonine, which is among the essential amino acids that are vital to add by means of the daily feed. 

The product’s benefits

A deficient of threonine in the diet affects the animals’ fat metabolism, immune system, and results in reduced utilisation of lysine. To counteract this, it is crucial to assign threonine to the animals.


Treo-Liq 16 % is available in drums with 225 kg and IBC containers with 1,000 kg.

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