Equipment for stables with poultry

Below, you can get an overview of our extensive range of specially designed equipment for stables with poultry. At Jorenku A/S, we offer a wide variety of efficient equipment which are tailored to improve the environment and hygiene in your operation. Regardless of whether you have layers or broilers, or whether your production is conventional or organic.

Regardless of the size of your herd, you will in our wide range of products find specialised equipment that are primarily designed for handling and spreading of Staldren®, which is crucial for maintaining optimal hygienic conditions in the poultry stale. Thanks to our durable and robust equipment, ensuring a healthy and comfortable environment for your layers or broilers becomes simple and effective, which is essential for their well-being and consequently their productivity.

Whether you run a large commercial poultry farm, a smaller family-owned farm, or even have poultry as a hobby, we offer equipment for stables that can suit your needs. Therefore, explore our range and find precisely the product that best meets your unique requirements and desires.

Other products for poultry

Was it not equipment for stables with layers or broilers you were looking for? Then explore our complete range of products for poultry and find the best solutions that can optimise your production and ensure an efficient operation of your herd. Regardless of wather you have layers or broilers.