Staldren® ladleStaldren® ladle

Staldren® Ladle for poultry

This Staldren® Ladle is specifically designed for smaller stables, making it ideal for manual spreading of Staldren® and Staldren® Green among poultry.

The product’s benefits

The ergonomic design with a flat underside makes it easy to handle and spread Staldren® or Staldren® Green directly from the bag or from a wagon. This makes the process quick and hassle-free, which saves both energy and time for the operator.

It is equipped with a double fixation of the handle that ensures stability and durability during use. This makes it ideal for daily use in smaller stables with layers and or broilers.

With a capacity of approx. 1 kg of Staldren® or Staldren® Green, the ladle makes it easy to measure the desired amount, ensuring precise dosing and minimising of waste.


The practical ladle is sold individually.

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