Staldren® on the jobStaldren® on the job
Staldren® on the jobStaldren® on the job
Staldren® on the jobStaldren® on the job
Staldren® from JorenkuStaldren® from Jorenku

Staldren® for cattle and calves

  • Staldren® prevents mastitis
  • Staldren® prevents diarrhoea among calves
  • Staldren® reduces the bacteria level
  • Staldren® reduces the amount of spores
  • Staldren® binds ammonia
  • Staldren® reduces cell counts

When using Staldren® for cattle and calves, the following is recommended:

A handful (50-100g) per m2 is spread twice a week. This works quickly and efficiently in reducing infections. In very humid conditions and/or at disease outbreaks the amount and frequency used should be increased.

In cubicles: Add Staldren® as above in the rear, where the moisture will cause a possible increase in certain bacteria, and fungi can quickly multiply in large numbers and lead to inflammation of the udder and various hoof problems.

In open sheds: Add Staldren® as above. If the cow can turn around within the cubicle, it may be necessary to add more Staldren® and treat the entire area.

In dry litter/straw bed sheds: Apply a handful (50-100g) per m2 once a week.

In the cleaned calving box: Apply Staldren® to the entire floor area. Then add clean fresh bedding, followed by a final application of Staldren®. The same application cycle should take place between every calving, to make sure the newborn calf is brought into an environment as clean as possible to prevent the risk of infectious disease both with the cow and calf. In the calf cubicle use a handful (50-100g) per m2 twice a week. Make sure the corners and edges are covered as this is usually where flies collect. If diarrhoea occurs use Staldren® daily, until the outbreak has passed.


Staldren® is a hygiene solution in powder form, which has a very broad effect against moisture, smell, bacteria and fungal spores.

  • Staldren® is a Danish product tested by recognised international laboratories.
  • Staldren® is kind to the environment, and has a well-documented effect on the most common bacteria and fungi spores such as E-coli, salmonella, Campylobacter.
  • Staldren® is phosphate free and pH-neutral, meaning that it does not dissolve or loosen floors or pens, nor does it dry out the animal’s thin skin, which can be susceptible to abrasions and cuts, that can lead to bacterial infection and disease. There is no
    need to use gloves when working with Staldren®.
  • Staldren® binds ammonia to such a level, that both humans and animals can stay in the stable without obnoxious smell or shortness of breath.
  • Staldren® absorbs moisture and is therefore particularly useful in high humidity.
  • Staldren® disinfects and cleans the environment, reduces the level of infection, and therefore ensures healthier animals.
  • Staldren® can be used for all animals and is a necessity for professional farmers.


When using Staldren® continuously, the best results are achieved by reducing the level of infection and thereby create a healthy environment for the benefit of both animals and humans.

Staldren® raises a minimum of dust, is easy to spread and gives a pleasant smell in the stable.

Staldren® is available in bags of 10 kg, 15 kg and 25 kg, as well as on pallets with 10, 20, 40, 45, 50 or 66 bags.