Staldren® on the jobStaldren® on the job
Staldren® on the jobStaldren® on the job
Staldren® on the jobStaldren® on the job
Staldren® from JorenkuStaldren® from Jorenku

Staldren® is a hygiene solution in powder form, which has a very broad effect against moisture, smell, bacteria and fungal spores.

The product’s benefits
  • Kind to the environment.
  • Well-documented effect on bacteria and fungi spores.
  • Phosphate free and pH-neutral.
  • Binds ammonia.
  • Absorbs moisture, disinfects and cleans the environment.

Staldren® for cattle

How is Staldren® used for cattle and calves?

A handful (50-100g) per m² is spread twice a week. This works quickly and efficiently in reducing infections. In very humid conditions and/or at disease outbreaks the amount and frequency used should be increased.

In cubicles: Add Staldren® as above in the rear, where the moisture will cause a possible increase in certain bacteria, and fungi can quickly multiply in large numbers and lead to inflammation of the udder and various hoof problems.

In open sheds: Add Staldren® as above. If the cow can turn around within the cubicle, it may be necessary to add more Staldren® and treat the entire area.

In dry litter/straw bed sheds: Apply a handful (50-100g) per m² once a week.

In the cleaned calving box: Apply Staldren® to the entire floor area. Then add clean fresh bedding, followed by a final application of Staldren®. The same application cycle should take place between every calving, to prevent the risk of infectious disease. In the calf cubicle use a handful (50-100g) per m² twice a week. Make sure the corners and edges are covered as this is usually where flies collect. If diarrhoea occurs use Staldren® daily, until the outbreak has passed.

Staldren® also comes as a hygiene solution in powder form in a Green version for organic farming. Read more here.