Citric acid from JorenkuCitric acid from Jorenku
Citric acid from JorenkuCitric acid from Jorenku
Citric acid from JorenkuCitric acid from Jorenku

Citric Acid for pigs

Liquid citric acid for pigs is a versatile and valuable acid that offers multiple applications in the pig production.

The product’s benefits

Taste improving supplementary feed: It can serve as a liquid taste improving supplementary feed in both wet and dry feed for pigs. This is particularly valuable during medication for various health issues, including urinary tract infections.

pH regulation of drinking water: Thanks to its powerful ability to lower the pH level, citric acid can be used to adjust the pH level in the pigs’ drinking water, creating optimal conditions for the pigs without being harmful or aggressive.

Equipment cleaning: In addition to its nutritional benefits, citric acid can also be used to effectively clean equipment such as water pipes for liquid iron and, of course, countless other types of equipment in pig production. This contributes to maintaining a healthy and hygienic operating standard in the pig herd.


The product is available in cans with 30 kg, drums with 240 kg and IBC containers with 1,200 kg.

This liquid form of the acid does not require HACCP certification, making it a practical and user-friendly solution for use in your piggery.

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