Koncid+ from JorenkuKoncid+ from Jorenku
Koncid+ from JorenkuKoncid+ from Jorenku
Koncid+ from JorenkuKoncid+ from Jorenku

Koncid+ for pigs

Liquid Koncid+ for pigs is a simple but effective pH-reducing feed acid, creating adverse conditions for harmful microorganisms.

With a concentration of 78 % formic acid, this feed acid is tailored to optimise your pig herd and contribute to secure the productivity.

The product’s benefits

Benefits of Koncid+ for pigs include a special antimicrobial effect that effectively reduces harmful microorganisms such as salmonella and other potentially harmful microorganisms. This helps to create a safer environment for your pigs, which is crucial for their well-being and performance.

Additionally, the product is highly preservative on wet feed, which helps to extend shelf life and preserve nutritional values.

Koncid+ does not require HACCP certification, making it a convenient and user-friendly feed acid for your pig herd.


Koncid+ for pigs is in cans with 30 kg, drums with 240 kg and IBC containers with 1,180 kg.

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How to secure your pig’s good health?

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