Tryptophan + Valine 10 % from JorenkuTryptophan + Valine 10 % from Jorenku

Tryptophan + Valine 10 % for pigs

This product represents a valuable resource with a suspended form of the essential amino acids L-tryptophan and L-valine, which are vital for the health and well-being of pigs. Both amino acids are necessary to maintain the optimal nutrition of pigs and should therefore be included in their daily feed.

The product’s benefits

L-tryptophan plays a crucial role in suppressing aggressive behavior among pigs while promoting their well-being and appetite.

L-valine plays an important role for the sow’s milk yield and performance, which is essential for maintaining a healthy and productive pig herd.


The product is available in drums with 200 kg.

Do you want to know more about how tryptophan affects your pigs? 

Read the informative (only in Danish) article from Maskinbladet, where you can gain deeper insights into this essential amino acid and its significance for your pig production as well as your pigs’ daily growth, feed ration, and feed consumption.

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