Staldren® Motor BlowerStaldren® Motor Blower

Staldren® Motor Blower

A Motor Blower for Staldren® is a powerful and practical petrol-powered spreader designed for effictive spreading of Staldren® and Staldren® Green.

The product’s benefits

It is equipped with a regulator, to allow the user control over the amount of Staldren® or Staldren® Green spread, which ensures optimal and economical application.

Designed for practical use, the motor blower is conveniently worn on the back, providing the user with mobility and freedom to cover small areas.

It is suitable for both dry and wet disinfection, making it versatile and ideal for use in various barn environments.

In the video below, you can see the motor blower in action. How the regulator controls the amount of Staldren®, how the motor blower is conveniently worn on the back for optimal mobility, and you can get a sense of how it can make the spreading process more efficient.


THe Motor Blower for Staldren® is sold individually.

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