Staldren® Vink SpreaderStaldren® Vink Spreader
Staldren Vinkspreder_1Staldren Vinkspreder_1
Staldren® Vink Spreader from JorenkuStaldren® Vink Spreader from Jorenku

Staldren® Vink Spreader til grise

Staldren® Vink Spreader is a practical powder spreader that can hold approx. 10 kg of Staldren® and Staldren® Green.

The product’s benefits

The powder spreader functions like a mill and is operated by a battery-powered drill. It comes equipped with a convenient and adjustable shoulder strap to make it easy to carry around in the piggery.

The practical powder spreader allows for quick and efficient spreading of Staldren® and Staldren® Green in larger stables without creating dust issues for the operator.

In the video below, you can see how a Staldren® Vink Spreader is effectively used.

The video demonstrates how the spreading of Staldren® is done evenly and smoothly, how the shoulder strap provides the user with optimal freedom of movement, and how the drill ensures reliable and powerful operation of the powder spreader itself.


Staldren® Vink Spreader is sold individually and without a drill.

Are you looking for solutions to spread Staldren® or Staldren® Green in both smaller and larger areas? Explore our comprehensive product overview with all our equipment for pigs and find the optimal solution to meet the needs of your piggery.

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