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UndgĂĽ friskkornsforgiftning
Avoid poisoning from fresh grain

Poisoning from fresh grain of new harvest is a well-known disease that has plagued Danish pig production for years, but its causes and mechanisms are still not fully understood.

Symptoms among sows and slaughter pigs include diarrhoea, poor appetite, and high fever. To diagnose the disease, samples must be taken and analysed for peroxide value, which typically ranges between 5-10 mEq/kg fat.

Use vitamin E as an antioxidant

An effective method to avoid poisoning from fresh grain is to add vitamin E to newly harvested grains to be used in pig feed.

Vitamin E functions as an important biological antioxidant because vitamin E protects against free radical’s oxidative damages.

Jorenku’s vitamin E program

Jorenku’s self-produced E-vitamins include:
Eurovit E100 with selenium
Eurovit E100 Natur with selenium

These products are developed with a focus on strengthening the pigs’ immune system and promoting optimal health. With various packaging sizes and the option for special orders, Jorenku can meet every need and requirement of pig producers.

“We are proud of the quality and effectiveness of our vitamin E products for pigs, because one of our goals is to ensure health and animal welfare in Danish agriculture,” says Johnni Pedersen, CEO of Jorenku A/S.

By using vitamin E from Jorenku, farmers can take steps to avoid poisoning from fresh grain while ensuring the health and well-being of their pigs.

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