Dan-Liq Calf Start from JorenkuDan-Liq Calf Start from Jorenku
Dan-Liq Calf Start from JorenkuDan-Liq Calf Start from Jorenku

Dan-Liq Calf Start

Dan-Liq Calf Start serves as an exceptional source of crucial minerals and vitamins for Young calves.  The product is tailored to cater to their specific developmental requirements. By incorporating our high-quality product, you can guarantee a consistent and dependable provision of essential nutrients through the milk. This plays a pivotal role in ensuring the overall well-being and robust growth of the calves.

The product’s benefits

Our specialised formula not only contributes to heightened levels of activity and improved appetite among the calves but also facilitates the transition to roughage and concentrates during the crucial initial phases of their development. The meticulously crafted blend of easily digestible nutrients in our product is formulated to optimise absorption and promote efficient utilisation through the intestinal walls. This will foster healthy and steady growth trajectories for the calves.

The minerals and vitamins for calves in Dan-Liq Calf Start is specifically tailored to meet the unique needs of calf breeding from as early as day 2 until the weaning stage. For optimal results, it is advised to incorporate the product into the milk 1-2 times daily as an integral part of the comprehensive daily nutrition plan.


Dan-Liq Calf Start is available in cans with 5 kg and drums with 200 kg.

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