Lick stone KNZ Basic100 from JorenkuLick stone KNZ Basic100 from Jorenku
Lick stone KNZ Standard from JorenkuLick stone KNZ Standard from Jorenku

SP™ Natural

  • Natural salt without additives
  • Can be used for all livestock
  • Can be used in organic livestock production

SP™ Universal

  • Natural salt with added minerals
  • Contains various important trace elements
  • Can be used in organic livestock production

Lick Stone

A lick stone is essential in securing the individual need of salt, minerals, trace elements and vitamins, which are essential for good health, and therefore the performance of the cattle. A possible lack of these elements can result in reduced appetite, milk yield, growth, and natural resistance. Also, fertility problems and weight loss can increase.

Because of the natural licking behaviour of cattle, they can balance their need for salt, minerals, trace elements and vitamins by means of a lick stone.

The product is produced with a high-pressure method, that makes them resistant to rain and easy to handle. 


Both types are available in 2 kg and 10 kg.

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