Biotin for horses from JorenkuBiotin for horses from Jorenku

Biotin for horses

Biotin is an effective product that can help strengthen the hoofs that have become painful or soft or is bust — all conditions that can make it difficult to fit the horseshoes. These conditions can also be extremely painful and therefore limit the horse’s mobility. Therefore, biotin for horses can help ensure healthy and robust hoofs and thus horses.

The product’s benefits

Biotin is ideal for use in cases where there are clinical symptoms indicating that the horse suffers from soft hoofs. A typical reconstruction period lasts between 3 and 6 months, depending on the hoof’s condition and the horse’s overall health. During this period, this feed additive with easily accessible vitamin H will support a gradual improvement in the hoof’s strength and health, which will result in healthier and more resilient hoofs.

The product can easily be mixed into the horse’s daily compound feed, oat, or mash, which makes it vert simple to include in the horse’s feed.


Biotin for horses is available in buckets with 4 kg.

A practical measuring jug is included in each package to make the allocation of this feed additive as easy as possible.

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