Staldren® Salve from JorenkuStaldren® Salve from Jorenku

Staldren® Salve for horses

Staldren® Salve (Staldren® Ointment) is used for skin repair and wound healing on animals to avoid infection of bacterium.

The product’s benefits

Staldren® Salve is a specially developed disinfectant and desiccant ointment for external use on (open) wounds and irritated skin etc. on horses.

The ointment is based on the good qualities of Staldren®, which means that it, in addition to being disinfectant and desiccant, also keeps flies away, which helps to prevent infection of bacterium.

Staldren® Salve has a good texture that makes it easy to spread. The ointment is spread directly on the wound in a covering layer until a scab develops on the entire wound. In this way, effective wound healing is achieved on e.g., shoulder sores and cuts. Additionally, a positive effect is seen on e.g., ringworm and malanders.

With Staldren® Salve visible results are achieved in a short time.


Staldren® Salve is available in tubes with 250 ml and in boxes with 10 tubes.

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