Halamid® from JorenkuHalamid® from Jorenku
Halamid® from JorenkuHalamid® from Jorenku
Halamid® from JorenkuHalamid® from Jorenku
Halamid from JorenkuHalamid from Jorenku

Halamid® for pets

  • Controls Bacterial Gill Disease and external columnaris
  • Controls Gyrodactylus and Amoebic Gill Disease
  • Controls IPN- and ISA-virus
  • Disinfection of Artemia nauplii
  • Eliminates unwanted bacteria and parasites
  • No negative effect on nets made of Polyamide
  • Disinfection of cages and equipment
  • Removes biofilm
  • Does not corrode materials


The product, also known under the name Chloramine-T, is an effective powder disinfectant for all livestock. Halamid® for pigs has a proven efficacy against a long list of bacteria and viruses.

The product’s benefits:
  • Large activity spectrum
  • Non-corrosive in the shown concentrations
  • Non-corrosive in solution for materials
  • Easy to use and versatile
  • Stable
  • Readily biodegradable
  • No risk of building up resistant microorganisms

It is a strong concentrated powder disinfectant where the solutions are non-corrosive (as opposed to most other chlorine-, peroxide- or peracetic acid-based

The product is active at low temperatures, easily biodegradable, does not contain aldehydes or phenols, and there is no risk of developing resistance, wherefore rotation with other disinfectants is not necessary.


Halamid® for pigs is available in sachets with 100 g, in boxes with 25 sachets with 100 g, in buckets with 1 kg and 6 kg as well as in bags with 25 kg.

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