Fe. Min from JorenkuFe. Min from Jorenku
Fe. Min from JorenkuFe. Min from Jorenku

Fe. Min

Fe. Min iron supplement (drinking-iron) is based on Ferrous lactate, which is a special easily absorbed iron source and therefore ensures piglets an iron supplement.

The product’s benefits

It tastes good. The sour taste increases the digestion of liquid, which ensures the welfare of the piglets and adds extra energy through the content of sugar in the electrolytic mixture.

The added organic acids in the drinking-iron stabilizes the intestine and are beneficial to the overall gastrointestinal health. Low pH in the drinking water via milk- and citric acid together with electrolytes, reduces indigestion resulting in a higher growth and increased weaning weight.


Fe. Min is available in cans with 30 kg and in drums with 120 kg and 225 kg.

Download the safety data sheet about Fe. Min