Ferro-Liq from JorenkuFerro-Liq from Jorenku
Ferro-Liq from JorenkuFerro-Liq from Jorenku

Ferro-Liq for pigs

Ferro-Liq is liquid supplementary feed with iron specially developed to prevent anaemia, which can lead to lower growth, and increased mortality among piglets.

Ferro-Liq is designed to be used as an essential part of the production of piglets. The drinking iron is assigned from birth until weaning.

The product’s benefits

Ferro-Liq tastes and smells good, ensuring that piglets are assigned the necessary amount of iron. In addition to iron, the product also contains important nutrients such as vitamin B12 and zinc, which contribute to the health and growth of piglets.

One of the primary advantages of using Ferro-Liq as a liquid supplementary feed with iron is its ease of dosing. The product can be dosed directly in the drinking water, making it simple and convenient to assign to the piglets.


Ferro-Liq is available in cans with 25 kg as well as drums with 120 kg and 225 kg.

Want to know more?

Read the informative article (only in Danish) from Landbrugsavisen, where they describe the different methods of assigning iron to pigs – including the use of drinking iron as one of the opportunities.

Download the safety data sheet about Ferro-Liq