Pearl Shampoo from JorenkuPearl Shampoo from Jorenku
Pearl Silk Soap from JorenkuPearl Silk Soap from Jorenku

Pearl Shampoo for pig stables

Experience the delightful feeling of clean and soft hair with Pearl Shampoo, a gentle, effective, and moisturising shampoo that delicately cleans the hair without drying it out. With its gentle formula, the product leaves the hair clean and fresh.

It’s easy to rinse out, ensuring that there are no soap residues left behind that could irritate the scalp.

The moisturising shampoo is body neutral, making it ideal for use as body soap as well. Its mild and gentle formula means it is suitable for daily use on the entire body.


Pearl Shampoo is available in 250 ml.

Looking for a body soap instead? Learn about our Pear-Silk Soap here. It is a moisturising body soap suitable for all genders.

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