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Hear farmer Mathias Hansen talk about his experiences with the lick bucket Summer Garlic.

At beautiful Dalsbakkegård in Odsherred, Denmark we visited Mathias Hansen for a talk about his experiences with using mixtures of minerals for cattle and how he found a way to make his cows healthier. The secret behind? Jorenku’s Mineral Lick Summer Garlic – a lick bucket with vitamins, minerals, and garlic.

Summer Garlic: fewer flies and healthier cows

On Dalsbakkegård, Mathias Hansen has found the solution to two challenges at once: flies and the cattle’s health. The lick bucket Summer Garlic is more than just a supplementary feed – it has also helped in keeping the flies away from the animals.

Mathias shares his experience: “I have experienced significantly fewer bites from flies on the udders and actually generally fewer flies around the animals,” he says with a big smile.

See the full video interview

To give you an insight into Mathias Hansen’s experiences with Summer Garlic, we have included the full video interview below. Take the time to see how this amazing product has resulted in healthier cattle in the pastures.

Part of Jorenku’s innovative range

Mineral Lick is just one of the many innovative solutions that Jorenku offers to improve supplementary feed for cattle.

If you have any questions or would like further information about Mineral Lick or our other products, please feel free to contact us. Our dedicated team is ready to help you optimize the feed supplement for your cattle.