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PRESS RELEASE: Jorenku launches unique supplementary feed for poultry
Jorenku launches a new unique liguid supplementary feed for poultry

In close collaboration with Henning Dahl, the former owner of Dan-Liq, Jorenku has developed the new liquid supplementary feed Calci-Liq. This is done to meet a need in the market. Modern poultry farming requires important nutrients to support the rapid growth and health among layers and broilers.

Jamil Al-Shiekhly, Head of Sales at Jorenku: ā€We experience that Calci-Liq meets a great need in the market. As one of the few manufacturers of liquid vitamins and mineral mixtures in the Nordic countries, we are proud of developing this new liquid supplementary feed.ā€

What is Calci-Liq?

Calci-Liq is a unique supplementary feed with concentrated vitamin D (Hy-D) combined with calcium, magnesium and phytase. It is assigned to the drinking water. Calci-Liq can be used for both layers and broilers.

The benefits of Calci-Liq

Even though the product is new on the market, Jorenku has tested Calci-Liq at several farms. Among others at Per Jensen in Klotrup in the northern part of Denmark, who has broilers: ā€I use Calci-Liq for my broilers after approx. 4-5 days and a few days ahead. I can clearly see, that the broilers get significantly better on their feet. Furthermore, I also use the product as a problem solver by acute need.ā€

Calci-Liq is available as 10 L and 25 L cans and as 200 L drums.

Further information:

Johnni Pedersen
CEO Jorenku A/S
Tlf.: 56 21 40 70

Jamil Al-Shiekhly
Head of Sales Jorenku A/S
Tlf.: 20 87 13 19

About Jorenku A/S

Jorenku A/S is a Danish company founded in 1991 by Johnni Pedersen, who still owns and manages the company. Jorenku has since the beginning been a leading company in the hygiene and biosecurity product market with the main product StaldrenĀ®. After Jorenku in 2017 acquired Dan-Liq, the company also produces liquid vitamin and minerals mixtures as well as organic acids. Jorenku is situated in Denmark but exports to more than 70 countries worldwide.