Caustic soda from JorenkuCaustic soda from Jorenku

Caustic soda for cattle

Caustic soda, also known as sodium hydroxide, is a strong corrosive product which is widely used for e.g. cleaning and disinfection.

The product’s benefits

Its impressive cleaning properties come into play, especially in the maintenance of liquid feeding equipment. Here, where it needs to be cleaned and disinfected to prevent the buildup of fat and coatings, the product demonstrates its effectiveness. These deposits are potential breeding grounds for bacteria and other pathogens that can pose a threat to animal health. Caustic soda is a reliable solution for removing and degrading these deposits, which is crucial for maintaining optimal hygienic conditions and protecting the livestock from diseases.

The product is also ideal for dissolving sedimentation of fat and blockages in drains, whether in agricultural facilities or other industrial environments. In the case of blocked drains caused by soap, grease, hair residues, etc., caustic soda acts as an effective solution.

It is approved for disinfection of buildings and facilities in organic livestock production.


The soda is available in bags with 25 kg and on pallets with 49 bags.

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