Oxi-Liq from JorenkuOxi-Liq from Jorenku
Oxi-Liq from JorenkuOxi-Liq from Jorenku
Oxi-Liq from JorenkuOxi-Liq from Jorenku

Oxi-Liq for pigs

Oxi-Liq for pig production is used for surfaces disinfection and desinfection of equipment in the pig production.

The product’s benefits

The product is ideal for a wide range of disinfection tasks in the piggery. Among other things it can be used for disinfecting water systems, boots, surfaces, and much more.

The fast and efficient action of the product ensures a reliable disinfection even at low temperatures. This can eliminate the need for ventilation before placing the pigs in the stable. 

The product is based on oxidising active substances, including hydrogen peroxide and acetic acid, which pose a low risk of developing resistance towards the product. Furtheremore, the product breaks down after use into water, oxygen, and acetic acid. This makes Oxi-Liq environmentally friendly and prevents the accumulation of harmful substances in the environment.


Oxi-Liq for pig production is available in cans with 22 kg, barrels with 200 kg and IBC containers with 1.000 kg.

If you are looking for an alkaline cleaning agent instead, we recommend using our Alka-Liq, which is specifically designed to meet the needs of the agricultural farming.

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