Alka-Liq from JorenkuAlka-Liq from Jorenku
Alka-Liq from JorenkuAlka-Liq from Jorenku
Alka-Liq from JorenkuAlka-Liq from Jorenku

Alka-Liq for cattle

Alka-Liq is an indispensable alkaline detergent for a wide range of agricultural facilities including piggeries. Its high alkalinity makes it an effective tool for your daily cleaning. However, it can also serve as a problem solver, even under  very challenging conditions and in very dirty plants in the pig production.

The product’s benefits

The product’s high alkalinity and chlorine content ensure not only effective cleaning but also reliable disinfection. This contributes to maintaining optimal hygiene standards in you piggery.

Regular use of Alka-Liq results not only in cleaner surfaces but also in lower bacterial counts, which are crucial for the health and well-being of your pigs.

The alkaline detergent is versatile and can therefore be used with both manual and automatic dosage. This will provide you with both flexibility as well as convenience in your daily cleaning routine.


The alkaline detergent Alka-Liq is available in cans with 22 kg, drums with 200 kg and IBC containers with 1,000 kg.

If you are looking for a disinfecting agent with acidic properties, we recommend our powerful product Oxi-Lig. This product is ideal for disinfecting  of surfaces and equipment in various agricultural facilities, including piggeries.

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