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For shepherd David Wootton, lick buckets from Jorenku have resulted in fewer problems with copper and selenium deficiency.

On a scenic Danish field, we had the pleasure of visiting David Wootton, a dedicated shepherd, who gave us an insight into his experience with Mineral Lick Summer Garlic from Jorenku.

This unique mix of vitamins and minerals has had a remarkable impact on one of Denmark’s largest sheep herds by remedying challenges with copper and selenium deficiency. Therefore, we are proud to present this exclusive video interview in which David Wootton shares his experiences.

Fixed copper and selenium deficiency issues

Mineral Lick Summer Garlic is not candy for the sheep, but a carefully composed mixture of vitamins and minerals that is tailored to cover e.g. sheep’s needs while they pasture.

“Of course, it costs a bit extra with lick buckets, but it’s a good product. I have not seen nearly as many cases of copper or selenium deficiency. And that’s my biggest problem,” says David Wootton enthusiastically.

Video interview

Dive even deeper into shepherd David Wootton’s experiences with Mineral Lick Summer Garlic in the full video interview above.

Take the time to see how Mineral Lick Summer Garlic has resulted in fewer problems for David’s herd and perhaps you will find inspiration to optimise the mineral balance of your own sheep.

Part of Jorenku’s innovative range

Mineral Lick is just one of the many innovative solutions that Jorenku offers to improve supplementary feed for sheep.

If you have any questions or would like further information about Mineral Lick or our other products, please feel free to contact us. Our dedicated team is ready to help you optimize the feed supplement for your sheep.