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Jorenku awaits EU approval of Pestinol® for multiple purposes

Jorenku has chosen to seek EU approval of Pestinol® for multiple purposes. While the approval process is underway, Jorenku has decided to temporarily stop selling Pestinol®.

Pestinol® was launched at the beginning of 2022 as an effective way to combat red mites in poultry production. It has generated such great interest among poultry farmers that Jorenku has choosen to get the active ingredient in Pestinol® approved for additional purposes.

This process involves a comprehensive evaluation of safety, effectiveness, and environmental impacts in relation to the desired applications.

Temporary stop of sales

To comply with EU regulations and ensure a thorough evaluation, Jorenku has temporarily suspended all marketing and sale of Pestinol®. This temporary stop of sales is a common practice that ensures, that any product undergoing the approval process meets rigorous standards and criteria before it can be widely marketed. Jorenku emphasises that this step has been taken to show full compliance with regulatory guidelines.

“We are hopeful and optimistic about the outcome of this approval process, which will impact the product’s marketing and availability throughout Europe,” said Head of Sales Jamil Kure Al-Shiekhly.

Time frame

Jorenku expects the process for EU approval of Pestinol® to take time because thorough investigations and evaluations must be conducted.

Meanwhile, farmers and stakeholders must await the opportunities that Pestinol® can bring to the fight against red mites among poultry.