Championing cleanliness in the dairy at Westertown

Attention to detail is the catch phrase for award winning dairy manager, Jim Petrie, of Mackie’s Westertown, Rothienorman. The milking heard is housed in a free-choice robotic milking system where the every need of the 350 cows is catered for an attended to. They are supplied with a diet balanced precisely to meet their requirements, […]

Russians in demand of Danish Hygiene Powder

In Russia chicken feet are a sales product in demand and therfore it is crucial to shed light upon foot pad burns. Danish hygiene powder has been tested in Russia with good results. Russians are in demand of chicken feet. That is why, besides the well being of the animals, imperative for the producer’s outlets […]

Full speed on stable hygiene

Unfortunately, this article is only available in Danish. Switch to Danish at the top of the page to read the article. Source: Maskinbladet d. June 1, 2007