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We have had the pleasure of visiting Therese Bach, operations manager at a Danish pig producer. Because Staldren® fights encephalitis the conversation focued on getting Therese’s insight into their experiences with the product.

For their 450 breeding sows, Staldren® plays a decisive role in ensuring the health and well-being of the pigs, because Therese successfully has implemented Staldren® to fight encephalitis.

Staldren® fights encephalitis

Encephalitis poses a serious threat to the well-being and productivity of the pigs. In the interview, Therese shares her experience with Staldren® as a decisive factor in reducing the incidence of encephalitis.

“If we switch to other products, within two to three weeks we see a considerable increase in encephalitis both among the piglets and in the climate-controlled stable”, says Therese Bach.

The effect of Staldren®

The interview with Therese Bach gives a concrete insight into the actual effect of using Staldren®. The product’s broad effect includes combating moisture, smell, bacteria and fungal spores. Therefore, Staldren® plays a decisive role in maintaining optimal conditions in stables.

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