Global animal diseases gild Danish disinfection manufacture

A global agricultural market affected by ASF (African swine fever), and avian influenza outbreaks has given the Danish manufacture of hygiene and disinfection products for livestock, Jorenku A/S, an increased bottom line. For the third year in a row the Danish company Jorenku A/S, the producer of e.g. Staldren®, has increased the bottom line.The company’s […]

Range of common products for the horse world

Unfortunately, this article is only available in Danish. Switch to Danish at the top of the page to read the article. Source: d. 26. August 2022

The fight against red mites in laying hens

The fight against red mites apparently is an endless task in many types of Layer production systems. Red mites represent a problem for the hens’ well-being and pose a risk of infection, thus regular monitoring and control is recommended. There are many ways of attacking the red mites and since they spend most of their […]

From a garage outfit to a multinational firm

After losing his job following collapse of the firm he worked for, a young Dane decided to help solve a foot and mouth disease problem ravaging his country, and what was a humble beginning 22 years ago, has grown by leaps and bounds. Nestled atop a neat, small hill in Naestved Denmark is a multi-national […]

Smart Farmer on tour in Denmark

Join me as I traverse the countryside through various farms and experience some of my adventures during a wintry January trip to the land of the Vikings. The plane landed at Billund Airport, 250 km southwest of Copenhagen, Denmark, on January 22, 2013, at 11.20am. As I made my way through the gangway to the […]