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The manufacturer, domiciled in Denmark, gets a new joint owner. As of January 1st, 2022,
Jamil Al-Shiekhly has bought in and becomes joint-owner of the company together with the previous owner, Johnni Pedersen. Jamil Al-Shiekhly also joins the board.

Jamil Al-Shiekhly is a graduate Cand. Merc. International Business & Management. Since 2013 he has been employed by Jorenku A/S and is currently head of sales for the company. Since 2019 he is also part of the committee behind the trade fair NutriFair.

The new joint ownership is part of the strategy to future-proof Jorenku A/S.

“Jamil has long been a trusted employee and with him as joint owner, Jorenku A/S is even stronger in the future”, says CEO Johnni Pedersen, who founded Jorenku in 1991. “I am very happy to have a strong partner, so that we can further develop Jorenku together”.

”I see Jorenku as an exciting company with a strong team and many opportunities. It is a great recognition for me to become even more part of Jorenku. I know it can be difficult for someone, who has started a business from scratch, to make room for a joint owner. I have always had good cooperation with Johnni Pedersen, which is why I am sure that in the future we can continue to offer customers attractive products with high quality”, says Jamil Al-Shiekhly.

In addition to being part of the management and the board, Jamil Al-Shiekhly continues as head of sales, so for customers there will be no changes.

Further information:

Johnni Pedersen
CEO Jorenku A/S
Tel.: +45 56 21 40 70

Jamil Al-Shiekhly
Head of Sales and joint owner of Jorenku A/S
Tel.: +45 20 87 13 19

About Jorenku A/S

Jorenku A/S is a Danish company founded in 1991 by Johnni Pedersen. Jorenku A/S has since the beginning been a leading company in the hygiene and biosecurity product market with the main product Staldren®. After Jorenku A/S in 2017 acquired Dan-Liq, the company also produces liquid vitamin and minerals mixtures as well as organic acids. Jorenku A/S is situated in Denmark but exports to more than 70 countries worldwide.