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Optimising feed preservation with Propionic Acid+
Optimising feed preservation with Propionic Acid+ from Jorenku

Effective preservation of feed and grain stores is of great importance. Therefore, Jorenku A/S has launched the product Propionic Acid+ which can be used by organic farms and does not require HACCP certification.

Beneficial effect on feeding ratio and preservation

Propionic Acid+ is designed to improve both the shelf life and quality of grain collection facilities and complete feed rations, because the product has a particularly beneficial effect on the harmful microorganisms mildew and yeast.

Propionic Acid+ can also be used for pH reduction.

Does not require HACCP

The remarkable thing about Propionic Acid+ is, that the product does not require HACCP certification, which makes it an attractive alternative to pure propionic acid.

Preservation with Propionic Acid+ can be used for both cattle, pigs and poultry.

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