Caustic soda from JorenkuCaustic soda from Jorenku

Caustic soda for cattle

Caustic soda, also known as sodium hydroxide, is a strong corrosive product with more benefits. However, it is particularly suitable for soda treatment of grain.

The product’s benefits

When used for soda treatment of grain for cattle, valuable protection of starch in the rumen is achieved. This results in a slower decomposition of starch, as digestion moves from the rumen to the intestines. This process can positively contribute to improved the feeding ratio among the cattle while  also maintaining a more stable rumen pH.

NB: The product is approved for disinfection of buildings and facilities in organic livestock production, but it must not be used for soda treatment of grain in organic livestock production.


The soda is available in bags with 25 kg and on pallets with 49 bags.

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